Works for Orchestra or Chorus

Concerto (1983)

For piano and string orchestra (23')

Autumn rain in darkness (1987)

For soprano and chamber orchestra on poems by Matsuo Basho (15')

Sotto voce (1993)

for orchestra (15')

Ritual (1994)

for orchestra (13')

Takyr (1995)

for six percussionists and string orchestra (14')

Conjunctions (1995)

for string quartet, orchestra and tape (18')

Eh Joe (2001)

chamber opera on a text by Samuel Beckett (37')

Message (2001)

for string orchestra (9')

Drei lieber nach texten von Friedrich Ruckert (2002)

for chorus a capella (8')

Lacrymosa (2002)

version for soprano and string orchestra comissioned by Boosey & Hawkes and the Melbourn Festival (7')

Notturno (2003)

for chamber ensemble and tape comissioned by the London Sinfonietta (9')

Concerto (2004)

for keyboard instrument and string orchestra (organ version) (15')

Concerto (2005)

for keyboard instrument and string orchestra (piano version) (15')

Concert suite from the 1814 motion picture (2007)

for orchestra (20')

Concerto (2009-10)

for cello and orchestra comissioned by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (30')

Tongue Twisters (2011)

for female choir (14')

Sean O'Riada's Mass (2012)

for 16 voices, fiddle, harp and bodhran (75')

Sacred Signs (2012)

concerto for 13 musicians (58')

Concerto (2014)

for viola and string orchestra (27')

Musica Nostalgica (2015)

for orchestra (26')

Music Registan 3D mapping (long version) (2015)

for two orchestras (20')

Fourteen Variety Songs (2015)

arranged for rock trio and large orchestra (68')

Antonio Vivaldi's Concerto grosso in d-minor (2016)

arrangement for three cellos, strings and harpsichord comissioned by the Menukhin Festival (10')